Prof. dr. Steve Howdle

Steve’s research focuses on sustainable chemistry and in particular on the utilisation of supercritical carbon dioxide for polymer synthesis, polymer processing and preparation of novel polymeric materials. He has published over 330 peer reviewed papers in this field.

Steve is Professor and Head of the School of Chemistry at the University of Nottingham. He held a Royal Society University Research Fellowship (1991-1999) and a full Chair since 2001.  He has received several awards including the Jerwood-Salters’ Environment Award for Green Chemistry (2001); RSC Corday – Morgan Medal and Award (2001);  Royal Society – Wolfson Research Merit Award (2003); RSC Interdisciplinary Award (2005); DECHEMA-Award of the Max Buchner Research Foundation (2006); RSC/SCI Macro Group UK Medal (2008); and the Hanson Medal of the IChemE (2009).

Steve is also the singer in a rock band (@ramshackle_men) and plays football in the East Midlands Veteran League for Beeston Old Boys FC.

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